9am & 12pm Classes ONLY:

Writing Center Consultants will be joining us today for an MLA workshop!

  • Please bring the most recent version of your WP 3 Critical Analysis, both in print and electronic form. The consultants will likely ask you to work with both forms during the workshop.
  • Ideally, you will have already created your Works Cited list and this will be attached to your draft. If you haven't yet created your Works Cited list for this paper, bring an electronic version of your Research Log, or whatever materials you need to help you access and create correct MLA citations for your Works Cited list.
  • The consultants will help us create correct in-text citations during this workshop (yah-hoo!), and review basic MLA stuff (which most of you still need!)


  • If you want an extension, request it in writing no later than 3pm today. Please don't waste your time and my time. SPECIFY THE TIME AND DATE you will be submitting in your extension request.
  • For FRIDAY, the FINAL DRAFT of the Critical Analysis is due. The FIRST COMPLETE draft of the New Genre is due.


  • MAKE YOUR FINAL REVISIONS to the Critical Analysis for WP 3.
  • Make arrangements for Peer Review of both the Critical Analysis and the New Genre for WP 3.
  • We won't have a formal class meeting on Friday. Instead, use the time wisely to:
    • Visit the Writing Center for last minute revision help
    • Get or give peer review
    • Polish, polish, polish
  • Complete your draft of the New Genre piece of writing for WP 3.
  • Post both documents to Blackboard no later than 3pm on Friday as attachments. These need to be in WORD please.
  • Be sure to consult Friday's class plans, as there is a homework assignment that's due for Monday.