Group Research Presentation Workshop

  • Things to Remember:
    • Words should come out of your mouth...they shouldn't jumble up your PowerPoint or Tri-Fold Poster.
    • There should be NO grammar, spelling, or usage errors in your PPT or your Tri-Fold
    • Choose colors, symbols, and font styles carefully. All of these design elements convey meaning.
    • Keep it organized.

Let's Look at Some PowerPoints!

Anyone want to share what they have so far? Let's do some mini-critiques.

Questions about Tri-Fold

  • Again, these serve as attention-getting devices during FYS.


  • No class meeting on Tuesday, November 21. Complete the online class assignment outlined on Tuesday's class plans.
  • Tuesday, November 27, meet in Anchor Ballroom C in the UC. Presentations will begin at 11am sharp, so please arrive early.