Online Class

We won't meet F2F today...please complete the following online assignment:

How Will You PROVE It???

  • Think about three pieces of evidence you want to include in your portfolio. Then, go to the journal link for today, and respond to the following prompts:
    • List the three items you want to include in your portfolio.
    • Evidence might be a project you did to earn PIPS during the game, notes from a particular class, or an article you found while researching.
    • How does each piece of evidence PROVE that you learned something?
    • What is significant about this learning experience? Answer the "so what?" question.
    • How does this piece of evidence and learning experience correspond with the Habits of Mind?
    • If you were to come up with a theme for your experience in Triad M, what would it be?


Have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving! Safe travels!!!