Form Presentation Teams!

I've written each Learning Community theme on the board. Write your name and your topic under the appropriate theme. You may list your name/topic under more than one category for now.

  • Form groups, based on the category you belong to. Look for people with the same or similar topics. Alternatively, how could you connect feminist topics with labor topics? The broad LC M themes that connect to Greenwich Village are:
    • War
    • Changing Gender Roles
    • Suffrage
    • Labor
    • Power & Oppression
  • Our MAIN LC M theme is Rebels, Rabble Rousers & Rhetoric


The plan is a guide to get you started and help you identify areas you need to research in order to align your research with the rest of your team.

  • Begin by electing someone to type all this information into the Group Presentation Plan. This person will also be in charge of saving the document, and getting copies to the rest of the team.
  • Make final decisions re. your presentation groups. Groups ideally should have about 3 to a team, no more than 5. Remember, it's ok if you work with folks who are not in your Writing Group for this project.
  • Meet with your group and discuss "common themes." Establish how you will connect all of your individual topics to a broader Learning Community M theme.
  • Begin, as a team to hammer out the questions asked of you on the Presentation Plan.
  • Determine your Presentation Group's goals and expectations for each group member. Remember, this presentation counts in ALL THREE LC courses! In addition to presenting in class, you'll also present at the First Year Symposium. This is a big deal!!!
  • What's our goal? Your group will present a formal, academic research presentation to the Learning Community at the end of the semester.
  • Once your group has completed the document, someone will need to print it (just one copy), and EACH group member must SIGN this document. Your group member who typed the document should make sure to EMAIL this document to all group members so that everyone has a copy for their portfolio.
  • Give Jen one printed, signed, stapled copy. You may do this now or bring it to your conference on Tuesday. This will count as a homework grade.
  • On Tuesday, 11/7 the day of your Second Exam, Prof. Marquez and I will be holding MANDATORY conferences with you in lieu of our regularly scheduled classes on that day.
    • You will need to sign up in your Group Presentation Teams. Here is the link to the schedule: LCM Conference Schedule
    • The purpose of these conferences is for Prof. Marquez and I to meet with you and discuss your Group Presentation Plan. You will need to submit ONE copy of this plan to us on that day. We will also be receiving your final Reacting to the Past Game Grades.


  • If you didn't already, finish your Group Presentation Plan and print this for Prof. Marquez and I and bring it to your meetings with us on Tuesday. Make sure everyone in the presentation group signed the original and received a copy.
  • Study for Exam 2 in History. Make sure you complete the entire review guide! Make us proud!!!