Conference Day with Bray-Mar!

Prof. Marquez and I will be holding MANDATORY conferences with you in lieu of our regularly scheduled classes today.

  • Here is the link to the schedule: LCM Conference Schedule
  • The purpose of these conferences is for Prof. Marquez and I to meet with you and discuss your Group Presentation Plan. You will need to submit ONE copy of this plan to us on that day. We will also be receiving your final Reacting to the Past Game Grades.


Begin working on a Research Log for your Group Presentation Triad M 2017

  • You may use the template from above, or create your own.
  • List specific chapters and or documents from your Reacting to the Past and Give Me Liberty! textbooks that will help you prepare for the historical part of your presentation.
  • Next locate at least one scholarly, academic journal that relates to your historical topic from the Progressive era from the America History and Life database. You can easily access this database through the Library Guide link.
  • Finally, locate at least two articles from either the Points of View or Academic Search Complete'' databases that connect to your modern day issue.
  • SO, you should have a minimum of FIVE sources listed on your Research Log by Thursday. Bring your logs in either electronic or printed formats to your group presentation meetings on Thursday (online class).
  • Post either a word document link or a photo of your research log to Bb no later than the beginning of your regularly scheduled Writing & Rhetoric class on Thursday.