Finding Primary Sources

  • Use the Lib Guide
  • Use Portal to find books that include primary source docs
  • Use google, but be smart:
    • Type your topic + primary source : edu
  • Ask a reference librarian...that's what they are there for...and they'll email you!

Use Your Pre-Writing to Write a More Formal Research Proposal

Follow the instructions on the WP 2 link

  • Open the journal link for today
  • Begin addressing the prompts that are in the instructions for the Research Proposal

About that Research Log

  • Post any and all sources on your Research Log.

Post Your Name & Topic to the LC E Research Topics Page


  • Use today's daily writing to help you compose a proposal. Create a polished, more elaborate research proposal. check out this
  • Bring a typed, printed proposal (MLA format w/ a Works Cited list) to class on Wed. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Continue building your Research Log. Include any articles you've located (remember, you already looked in Credo and the Dictionary of American History Also include your primary source document!), along with books you plan to use. Don't forget you'll need to log Contending Voices or Foner chapters if you are using these as resources.
  • Conduct narrower searches in America History and Life and other databases for specific perspectives on your topic. Locate sources that represent new perspectives on your topic that aren't on your list yet. Add these to your Research Log. You should have a minimum of SIX sources on your Research Log by WEDNESDAY.
  • If you haven't already, try to locate books from the Bell Library and check any out you may want to use. Once you have books, identify specific chapters you think will be most useful to your research, and list these on your log.

Important: Be a good academic citizen. You've already seen that library books are sometimes annoyingly not available. If you wind up choosing not to research the topic on which you checked out a book, RETURN IT TO THE LIBRARY! While you're there, check out different books on your chosen topic!