Bell Library Visit Today!

Please have the following ready for our Library Session on Wednesday:

  • Either decide, or have a very narrowed idea of what you want to research for the rest of the semester. Remember, you can't stay broad. You'll need to narrow your topic to a specific aspect of your broader topic of interest.
  • BRING QUESTIONS for the librarian. Play around in the databases. If you can't figure something out...this is why we're headed to the library.
  • Make sure you bring your SandDollar card to the library on Wed. You must have this in order to check out books.
  • You will be required to provide Prof. Marquez and me an "exit slip" from the library before you leave in order to get credit for attending the session. Stay tuned for details!


  • GET MARRIED! Decide on a specific topic.
  • Once again, review the assignment instructions for WP 2.
  • Create a Research Log Add sources you found today, plus any others you located during your exploratory research. You must have a minimum of 6 sources logged by the beginning of our online class on Friday. One of these must be a primary source.