Form Presentation Teams!

I've written each Learning Community theme on the board. Write your name and your topic under the appropriate theme. You may list your name/topic under more than one category for now.

  • Form groups, based on the category you belong to. Look for people with the same or similar topics. Alternatively, how could you connect feminist topics with Abolitionist topics? The broad LC E themes are:
    • War
    • Revolution and Revolt
    • Power and Oppression
    • Citizenship
    • Conviction, Courage & Composition
    • Equality/Liberty/Order


The plan is a guide to get you started and help you identify areas you need to research in order to align your research with the rest of your team.

  • Begin by electing someone to type all this information into the Group Presentation Plan. This person will also be in charge of saving the document, and getting copies to the rest of the team.
  • Make final decisions re. your presentation groups. Groups ideally should have about 3 to a team.
  • Sign up for a conference slot for Monday. You will come with your PRESENTATION TEAM (NOT your Writing Group).
  • Meet with your group and discuss "common themes." Establish how you will connect all of your individual topics to a broader Learning Community E theme.
  • Begin, as a team to hammer out the questions asked of you on the Presentation Plan.
  • Determine your Presentation Group's goals and expectations for each group member.
  • Review the requirements for the Group Research Presentation.
  • Once your group has completed the document, someone will need to print it (just one copy), and EACH group member must SIGN this document. Your group member who typed the document should make sure to EMAIL this document to all group members so that everyone has a copy for their portfolio.
  • Bring one printed, signed, stapled copy to your group presentation meeting on Monday.


  • Group "Pitch":
    • Meet with your entire group to collaboratively finish the Group Presentation Plan you began in class.
    • Compose a "pitch" for your presentation. Identify a broad claim that will work for all of your topics, and that connects to your broad theme. Come to your conference on Monday prepared to deliver a professional "pitch" to me and to Prof. Marquez. This should: be rhetorically powerful (make us want to come to your presentation), include specific references to your research, and specifically identifies a theme by which you will connect all of your topics.
  • WRITE a Source Review of your chosen primary source document.
    • Follow the instructions on the Focused Research & Inquiry link under WP 2. **This Source Review should be in MLA format.
    • ATTACH your Source Review to the link in Bb. It's under "Assignments." This is due no later than the beginning of your class time on Monday.

If you go to EITHER of the events below and write a reflection, you will receive 2 extra points on your Research Portfolio, in addition to replacing a missed homework grade.
Oct. 14: Syliva Mendez Keynote Speech: TODAY @ 6pm in the UC Lonestar Ballroom

Oct. 17: "The Election of 1912 and its Contemporary Significance" Public Forum:
Join the College of Liberal Arts at Texas A&M-Corpus Christi and Humanities Texas for an evening of discussion about the election of 1912 as well as its parallels to subsequent elections and its relevance today. The free public forum will be held from 4:30 6:30 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 17, in the University Center, Lone Star Ballroom. Participating TAMU-CC scholars include Dr. David Blanke, Dr. Jen Brown, and Dr. Anthony Quiroz. Nick Jimenez, editorial page editor emeritus for the Corpus Christi Caller-Times, will serve as moderator. If you plan to attend, RSVP to Learn more at; email; or call ext. 2402. Texas teachers who attend a forum will receive CPE credit and may apply for travel stipends (up to $200 each) and substitute reimbursements.
Learning Community E students who attend this event AND write a reflection will be amply rewarded!