I need to know what topic you are researching & how you are connecting this historical topic to a modern day issue. If your name isn't on THIS LIST, you need to get with me TODAY. I am sending our list of research topics to Wooster TODAY!

Multiple Perspectives

  • I'll need a volunteer who has decided on a topic.

Daily Writing: Daily Writing was Canceled for Today

Please respond to the following prompts in Bb:

  • List as many perspectives on your topic that you can think of.
  • Do some more research, using more specific search terms, to find articles that represent specific perspectives. Try to stay in books from the Bell Library, or American History & Life.
  • List the titles of articles you find under the specific perspective they represent. Include a Permalink.

Add to Your Research Log

Find some really cool sources through the Daily Writing activity? Add them to your Research Log.

Source Reviews

We'll go through this step by step. You should begin building your first Source Review as we go through this.

Homework - Updated

  • List as many perspectives on your topic as possible. Use these ideas to locate new, more specific articles for your Research Log.
  • Write the first of the three requiredSource Reviews You may write a review of a Scholarly Historical article, your primary source document, or a credible article about your modern day connection.
  • Attach this as a WORD DOCMENT (PLEASE and THANK YOU!) in the Content of Bb. Your first Source Review must be posted to Bb by the beginning of our online class on Friday.
  • Complete the online peer review for Friday's class.
  • Update your Research Log.
  • READ the articles you've located on your Research Log.
  • Be sure and bring all of your research materials to class on Monday.