Research Portfolio Workshop

  • Let's Review the Required Elements
  • Questions about Source Reviews?
  • Still to do: write the reflection

Pre-Writing for the Research Reflection:

Please respond to the following prompts as pre-writing for your research reflection:

  • How did you finally decide on your topic? What made you choose this topic?
  • What struggles did you face while conducting your research? How did you overcome them?
  • What did you learn that you didn't before? What was the most fascinating thing you learned?
  • How did you find and then choose your primary source? Why this source?
  • How does your topic connect to a modern day social or political issue?
  • What are you excited about sharing with your peers during the First Year Symposium?

Make Arrangements for Peer Review

Get with someone in your writing group and make arrangements to give and receive peer review between now and Monday. You should get feedback on your reflection and your Source Reviews.


No formal class meeting on Friday. Finish up your Research Portfolio (WP 2) and work on peer review. See Friday's class plans for details.
New Research Portfolio due date: MONDAY AT THE BEGINNING OF COMP. Please print out your portfolio and organize it in a folder.