Peer Edit of Your Source Review

Carefully following the instructions regarding Source Reviews, exchange drafts with someone in your Writing Group.

  • Turn on Track Changes.
  • Make any needed corrections
  • Ask your writer questions about anything that's not clear.
  • Write comments about anything that needs more elaboration, is missing, or needs re-wording.
  • At the bottom of the document, write the author and end note, explaining what they need to do next to make the Source Review ready for publication.


  • REVISE your first Source Review, based on the feedback you received.
  • Complete the final two Source Reviews.
    • Remember, you need to have one source review of a primary source document, one source review of a scholarly article or book chapter relating to your historical event or character, and one review of an article that pertains to a modern day issue that connects to your historical topic.
    • Think strategically. Carefully choose articles to review that will help you with Writing Project 3 and the end of semester of presentation!
    • Bring electronic copies of all three Source Reviews to class on Monday. This will count as a homework grade!
  • Section 511: I forgot to pick up your Activity Theory Worksheets on Wednesday. Please bring the completed worksheets to class on Monday!!!