No Comp Class Meeting Today

History is still meeting! Be there!

Today's Assignments:

  • Read and review the RUBRIC for WP 2. Use this document to evaluate your own work, and consult it as you go through peer review.
  • Give and receive peer feedback on your Research Reflection
  • Give and receive peer feedback on your Source Reviews
  • Use track changes when you are offering feedback, and SAVE both the feedback you give (you'll save your partner's work that has your comments on it) and the version that has feedback you received. You'll need to include evidence of giving and receiving peer feedback in your final portfolio you'll submit at the end of the semester.


  • Print and compile your Research Portfolio. Organize all your materials neatly in a paper folder. Be sure to include all required elements, any Writing Center slips you may have, and please print and include a RUBRIC.
  • Printed Research Portfolios are due at the beginning of Comp on Monday and will not be accepted late.
  • Finish the Exam 2 Study Guide for History! We will do some exam prep work in Comp on Monday.
  • READ Section 4.3 in Naming What We Know, pp. 63-64. Come to class ready to discuss this reading. Please make sure to bring the textbook.