WP 1 De-Brief

You should have received feedback from me or Prof. Marquez. If you didn't submit a draft for us to review, you'd best make plans to come see us this week during office hours.

Here are some of the re-occurring issues w/ the drafts so far:

  • Content
    • Lack of specific discussion of events. Historical events shape policy. Don't just talk about strong v. weak central government. Discuss the EVENTS that compelled each side to take a stand.
    • Lack of rhetorical analysis. The whole point of the paper is the analyze the argument of Warren, Henry, or Madison.
    • Some aspects of rhetorical situation are missing: make sure you specify the medium the writer or speaker used, and the audience.
    • Many of you failed to incorporate some writing theory from Naming What We Know. This is a requirement in the paper.
  • Surface Errors
    • Federalist and Anti-federalist are capitalized. If there's more than one of these folks, add an "s:" Federalists.
    • Call historical actors and living scholars by their title, first and last name on first reference in the paper. In subsequent references, just refer to them by their last name. For example, Composition Scholar Keven Roozen asserts that blah blah blah. Then...Roozen also argues that blah blah blah. Don't call Patrick Henry "Patrick." He's not your friend.


Your MLA is a hot mess. There is no excuse for this. Use the MLA GUIDE!!!


REVISE, REVISE, REVISE. Be sure to SAVE every major revision of your WP 1 project! You should have MULTIPLE DRAFTS of this project for your portfolio.

  • Friday, October 6th Writing Project 1 is due at the BEGINNING of History. You will submit your final drafts HARD COPY ONLY. Professor Marquez will be at the front of the lecture hall to collect them. Per LCE policy, NO LATE WORK WILL BE ACCEPTED. (For real.)
    • Please come by office hours or make an appointment for additional guidance and feedback on your work. We are here to help! :)
    • Make sure to use the MLA guide to help you with in-text citations, Works Cited.
    • NOTE: If you are considering asking for an extension on WP1, per LCE's extension policy, you must request an extension to Prof. Marquez and I via email by 10 am on Wednesday 10/4. In your email, you must provide a reason for needing the extension and propose a new due date and time you will submit your final draft. You will need to provide a copy of the email with your final submission so that we will know an extension was granted.