WP 2 Workshop

Bring Your 3 Source Reviews in Electronic Format to Class Today!


Let's Review the RUBRIC for WP 2.


  • READ Sections 5.1 and 5.4 in NWWK. If you have the actual book, these sections are on pp. 74-75 & 78-80.
    • Think about the Research Reflection you have to write for WP 2 and the Triad E Cumulative Portfolio that's due at the end of the semester as you read these passages!
    • How can you incorporate these "tenets of writing" into both of these reflections?
    • Also, what Habits of Mind did you invoke as you worked on WP 2???
  • Write your "shitty first draft" of your Research Reflection for WP 2. Use the prompts in the assignment description and the Habits of Mind to help you get going on the reflection. You should also try to include some discussion from NWWK. Post this draft to Bb no later than the beginning of class on Wednesday.