Please bring your Naming What We Know text to class today!

Essay Exam Prep

  • Questions, comments, concerns?

NWWK: Writing as Practice

  • Read section 4.3 on p.64 (of our text), then respond to the following prompt in the journal entry for today in Blackboard.
  • How is writing an exam essay response different (or not) from the writing you do for Composition? Support your answer with evidence from the reading.
  • Class discussion.
  • Essay exam prep- take out a sheet of paper and respond to Essay Question #2 on the History Exam Study Guide.
    Using the lectures, the essay on Alexander Hamilton and Benjamin Bache, and the Give Me Liberty! textbook, compare and contrast the views of the Federalists and the Republicans (from Washington’s first administration through the Jefferson administrations) on the proper interpretation of constitution, the role of the national government, the economy, and foreign policy. Explain their positions, providing specific examples of actions taken while their party controlled the presidency.
  • Discussion: How did you use your writing process to complete your answer?


  • Study for the exam!
  • Make sure you completed all elements of the Review Guide.
  • Make sure you have written all four essays, then composed and memorized outlines of each essay.

Good luck! Make me proud!