Morning Classes Only

Ready to Throw Down?

Each group will perform their genre for the class. Best group wins a goodie basket!

Questions about WP 3?

  • Discussion: got genre? Show us your genre and tell us who your intended audience is.

Daily Writing

Please respond to the following prompts in the journal for today in Blackboard. Discuss how your chosen genre and your primary source document do the following:

  • What is the most appropriate genre for what you want to communicate? Reference the list on WP 3
  • Message and purpose: explain how your topic and primary source document can help understand a current issue, problem or cultural trend in today's society
  • Select a target audience to whom you will deliver your genre of writing.
  • Discuss your rhetorical strategies for connecting with your audience


  • If we didn't have time in class, DO THE DAILY WRITING for today.
  • Please READ the article about Activity Theory (click on "Read Paper" at the bottom center of the screen). Take hand-written notes, and bring these to class on Monday. (What sometimes happens if I ask you to bring notes on a reading? #hmmmmmm)