Activity Theory

  • Let's test your knowledge...#hmmmm
  • Discussion: how does Wooster's breakdown of the O'Sullivan editorial & the Douglass excerpt connect to Kain & Wardle's article? How are the semantics different?
  • So what? How will this help you with your primary source document?
  • More to come in Seminar!!!

Writing Workshop

Just like last time, we are going to draft the Critical Analysis in "chunks." Let's begin the process with the historical context section. Remember, this section is designed to give your reader any information they need to be able to understand the analysis section of your paper.

  • Here's a way to CHEAT :-)
    • Do a google search for a timeline for your topic.
    • Don't blindly accept that the information on the timeline is all you need...examine your research log.
    • Make sure you focus on the historical who, what, when, where, and whys of what your reader needs in order to be able to understand your primary source analysis.
  • Daily Writing: Respond to the following in a journal entry for today in Bb:
    • Copy and paste the link to your timeline to your historical topic in your post.
    • Without looking at your notes, just tell the story of your historical topic, as it sets up your primary source document. Don't worry about sounding "fancy." Just tell the story as best you know it.
    • Next, make a list of the key events you think you need to discuss
    • List the key players you need to introduce
    • Explain WHY your topic is important to American history...answer the "so what?" question.


  • Use the daily writing from today and begin drafting the historical context section of your Critical Analysis for WP 3 in a word document.
  • Begin incorporating some sort of reference to the sources you are citing in your draft. It's ok to even write "p. 65 of Ruiz article." What's important is to begin acknowledging where you got your information NOW. We can clean up the MLA documentation later.
  • SAVE this document as WP3CA_Draft 1 (or whatever you want to call it...but make sure to SAVE EVERY version of this paper). You'll need this for your portfolio
  • Bring a printed "shitty first draft" of your historical context section to class on Wed.. This will count as a homework grade.

Don't forget to READ and PREPARE for your quiz in Seminar on Wednesday: Douglass vs. Garrison