Classes Cancelled Today

Please do complete the homework assignment below, due by the beginning of your regularly scheduled class time via Black Board.

Announcement: Don't Forget Our Own Prof. Marquez's Panel Discussion TOMORROW!

Oct. 6 Cisneros v. CCISD Presentation: Students, faculty, staff, and the community are invited to a presentation about the landmark 1970 court case that brought change and equal access to Corpus Christi schools featuring Dr. Isabel Araiza, Associate Professor of Sociology, and Amanda Marquez, Professional Assistant Professor in the First Year Learning Communities Program. The presentation is on Thursday, Oct. 6, from 6-8 p.m. on the 2nd floor of the Mary and Jeff Bell Library. This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact Andrea Montalvo-Hamid at 361.825.2657, or



Choose the research area that you will investigate, write about, and talk about for the rest of the semester.

  • Complete the assignment in Blackboard, and draft a Research Proposal in which you answer the following questions:
    • "I am joining an ongoing conversation about ________________; this particular topic (or historical person) is significant in American history because ______________________.
    • I propose to specifically focus my research on ___________________.
    • By exploring this issue, I hope to find out how this connects to _____________________ in present day America.

If you are having trouble answering any of the questions, that means you need to do a little more exploratory research.
In addition to this brief homework assignment, please complete the online assignment posted on Friday's class plans. Also, I will be holding open office hours from 9-10 and from 11-12 on Friday. Come by with any questions or concerns.