Make sure you have a printed, stapled copy of your paper ready to submit at the beginning of History today! Late work will not be accepted.

Online Class

Please complete the following online assignment, then complete the homework.

Choosing a Topic

  • Word to the wise: always date before you get married!
  • The same is true for exploratory research:
    • DATE your topics before you get MARRIED to them! Find out what they're like!
    • Use Credo Reference
    • Use Your Text book! Consult the Table of Contents in Contending Voices.
    • Prof Marquez's Possible Topics List
  • So, before you do the daily writing, do some exploratory research, and start a brainstorming list. Just jot things down, or create a word doc.

Daily Writing:

Log into Bb and complete please respond to the following prompts under the Journal link for today

  • List topics, possible sources, anything you think may help you from your Brainstorming list that you find most intriguing.
  • What new research did you conduct today in class? What did you find out?
  • What are the top three topics you are considering choosing? What is your connection to these topics? Why do you find these topics interesting? Write a response for each of the three topics.
  • What's your next step? What will you do to a) look for other potential topics, and b) narrow down your list? Be specific!


First, review the WP 2 assignment criteria. Click on all the links. Make sure you know what you're doing as you begin your research.
Next, continue to conduct exploratory research on all of your topics. This might include:

  • Looking in the Table of Contents CV.
  • Check out the Credo Reference database. Access this via the LC E Library Guide.
    • Make sure you make a note of any sources you locate on your brainstorming list. You'll need these later!
  • You should have at least 5 possible research topics you are considering, ranked in order of interest. They may be similar. Remember, we're just dating right now.
  • For each topic, identify at least one article from either Credo Reference or from anywhere else in the Bell Library you may use to help you learn more about this topic.
  • Bring your updated brainstorming list, both as a printed and electronic copy, to class on Monday.