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Please complete the following online assignment.
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Put a Ring On It!

(Ain't no more single ladies!)

Write a "Mini-Source Review' of a Scholarly Article

Do some more targeted research and writing about your chosen topic.

  • Locate a scholarly, peer reviewed article about one of your topics you are researching. You'll like want to use the America History and Life database to do this. You can easily access this via our LC E Library Guide.
  • Open a word document, format your document in MLA.
    • Create an accurate MLA citation for the source (remember, there's an easy-peasy way to do this in EBSCO databases! Use the right hand navigation bar.)
    • Who is the author of this article? What are his or her credentials? Often times, this information is found within the article itself. Otherwise, you may have to do some sleuthing.
    • Who is the writer's intended audience?
    • Summarize the source...what information is being conveyed?
    • Choose a salient quote that you think is critical to understanding the author's point. Make sure you write an entire "quote sandwich."
    • What was the author trying to do with this piece of writing? What was his or her purpose in writing?

Please post this assignment to Blackboard. It's available now. Post your work no later than midnight on Sunday.