Turn in Your Homework

Please submit a printed, stapled version of your work. I need your:

  • Autoethnography, if you haven't already submitted
  • Citation and description of your primary source doc...posted to your WP 2 page. This is today's homework grade.

Put a Ring On It!

(Ain't no more single ladies!)


  • Choose the research area that you will investigate, write about, and talk about for the rest of the semester.
  • Create a daily writing link for today, and draft a Research Proposal in which you answer the following questions:
    • "I am joining an ongoing conversation about ________________; this particular topic (or historical person) is significant in American history because ______________________.
    • I propose to specifically focus my research on ___________________.
    • By exploring this issue, I hope to find out how this connects to _____________________ in present day America.

Post Your Name & Topic to the Triad E Research Topics Page

Sign up for Conferences on Monday

About that Research Log

  • Post any and all sources on your Research Log.
  • You'll then select the best sources to include on your Annotated Bibliogrpahy...the Ann Bib should be your "Top 10 List."

Multiple Perspectives

What differing perspectives are there on your topic? If you are researching Harriet Tubman, you don't want sources that only discuss the abolitionist perspective...you also need the perspectives from the Confederacy. What about differing perspectives among abolitionists? Did all abolitionist agree with Tubman's tactics?

  • Add to your Daily Writing: list as many differing perspectives on your topic as you can think of.


  • Use today's daily writing to help you compose a proposal. Create a polished, more elaborate research proposal. check out this Sample Research Proposal
  • Bring a typed, printed proposal (MLA) format to your conference on Monday. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Continue building your Research Log. Include any articles you've located (remember, you already looked in Credo and the Dictionary of American History Also include your primary source document!), along with books you plan to use. Don't forget you'll need to log Contending Voices or Foner chapters if you are using these as resources.
  • Conduct narrower searches in America History and Life and other databases for specific perspectives on your topic. Locate sources that represent new perspectives on your topic that aren't on your list yet. Add these to your Research Log. You should have a minimum of SIX sources on your Research Log by Monday POSTED under your WP 2 link. You may call this RLDraft1.
  • If you haven't already, try to locate books from the Bell Library and check any out you may want to use. Once you have books, identify specific chapters you think will be most useful to your research, and list these on your log.