• Come in character!

Meet in OCNR 222 during your regular SEMINAR class time. WRITING and SEMINAR will COMBINE for a 75 minute class meeting.


Finalize your plans for WP 3. You should have already decided with whom you are working, and chosen a genre.

  • REVIEW about Max Eastman's publication, The Masses in Credo Reference. Here's the permalink:
  • Make sure you have carefully read and studied these sample issues of The Masses:
  • You are responsible for writing your own submission to The Masses. Max is interested in all kinds of writing: plays, essays, stories, and investigative journalism. The Masses also uses a lot of political cartoons and drawings. Decide what you want to write about, then decide which genre of writing would best work for your intended audience and message. You and your collaborators may earn PIP's by submitting ads to The Masses as well.
  • If you haven't yet delivered your speech, practice! Make sure and to take some tips from a former Reacting to the Past student on how to give effective speeches: Lily Lamboy Speaking Videos
  • Strategize and prepare for Thursday's game day. What can your faction or character do? Hand out pamphlets? Write a note to Mabel? Create buttons or posters? Be creative! Consult your RTTP text for ideas on how to earn PIPs!
  • You are encouraged to come and visit with me and Prof. Marquez during our office hours today and on Wednesday to get feedback on WP 3. You may also go to the Writing Center. If you go, be sure to get a slip, and have signed and stamped. I'll give you extra points on WP 3 for each visit.