• Make sure you have submitted your WP 3 documents to Bb BEFORE THE START OF YOUR SEMINAR CLASS (before the game begins).
    • Section 510: WP 3 due via Bb at 11am!
    • Section 511: WP 3 due via Bb at 12:30pm!

Game Day: Bohemia

  • Section 510: Cole, Pete, Audra, Devin, Olivia, Jason, Cannon, Tre and Michelle + Wild Cards
  • Section 511: Adam, Lexi, Scott, Brendon, Yasmin, Brianna, Logan, Hunter, Alma and Noemi +WILD CARDS

As the Bohemians present their views, all players (and audience members) will need to be making note of the following:

  • All players must respond with questions and comments!
  • As you listen to their speeches, you need to make note of the following:
  • How might the suffrage faction be potential allies to your faction or cause?
  • Decide with whom your group may never agree?
  • Based on their speeches, who can, may and will or could influence YOUR ideas/beliefs in a significant way?
  • What counterarguments might you be able to offer a Bohemian Villager? Be prepared to challenge them!

Make certain to hold yourselves accountable to the RTTP Ground Rules for Discussion you all created!


  • Strategize and prepare for Tuesday's game day. What can your faction or character do? Hand out pamphlets? Write a note to Mabel? Create buttons or posters? Be creative! Consult your RTTP text for ideas on how to earn PIPs!
  • MAX EASTMAN: You will receive submission from the Villagers via email TODAY. You must:
    • Decide which submissions and ads you will accept (these are due by October 26)
    • Prepare your speech, based on your selections, that you will deliver during the Game on Oct. 26
    • Determine a theme/choose the cover
    • Begin drafting your overview to the issue and the Table of Contents
    • The final publication of The Masses is due to Jen via email no later than October 30 @ Noon.