Online Class

We won't meet for a F2F class today, because Prof. Bray is sick.

  • Please bring your written reflection to Seminar. Prof. Marquez is collecting these. This reflection counts as a homework grade in Comp.
  • Complete the following online activity and homework:

Make a Connection!

FIRST, READ about the upcoming Research Presentation.
NEXT, complete the following Daily Writing under "Journals" in Bb. This is due by the end of our regular class meeting time.

  • What topic from the Progressive Era will you research? This is the historical topic on which you will present at the First Year Symposium. Be specific.
    • You'd be wise to stay close to your RTTP character's interests. For example, if your character was in the labor faction, you could choose to research the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.
  • How can you connect this specific topic to a modern day political or social issue? For example, if your topic is the suffrage movement, you could connect this to the modern day wage gap.
  • What do you ultimately want to communicate to your peers about the Progressive Era and your modern day issue?


  • Click on the Library Guide link , then scroll down to the middle underneath "Find Books and Articles" to access Academic Search Complete. (Don't worry that the Guide says Triad E)
  • Find at least 2 articles about your modern day connection to your Greenwich Village issue. READ these articles and EMAIL them to yourself. Make sure you have access to the articles Thursday during class.