Preliminary Research Report is due October 3rd

Once you have chosen a topic and gotten it approved by your instructor, it will be time to begin preliminary research. Your goal for this phase of the research process is to build your understanding and knowledge about your topic by working with its historical context. Aim to answer the basic 5 ws and an h: the who, what, where, when, why and how associated with your topic. You should use non-scholarly, credible sources for this research. After you have conducted your preliminary research, you will need to write a short report based on your sources to demonstrate what you have learned about your topic. We will use this report to practice the skills of summarizing and paraphrasing source material with the use of signal phrases and citing these source properly using MLA. Do not use any direct quotes here. Additionally, you should have a brief paragraph that describes your research process --search engine and terms used and your criteria for source selection.

Nuts and Bolts -1 to 2 pages of writing with accompanying Works Cited. Consult 3 to 4 different sources.