Everyone will write a Group Research Proposal and Abstract, following the guidelines from the FYRC website. Only those groups who actually want to present at the Conference will actually submit their proposals to the FYRC.

Write an Abstract

  • Think of this piece of writing as the "bait" that will "reel in'' your audience. Write a captivating description of your presentation. What will your peers and your wider audience get out of listening to your presentation?
  • 50 Word Maximum

Write the Proposal

  • Describe the common theme that binds your topics. Remember, you are NOT stringing together 3 or 4 separate presentations. Instead, you are tasked with preparing ONE cohesive presentation that addresses different topics, but aligns all the discussion under one unifying theme.
  • Describe what each presenter will argue, and briefly identify any necessary context the reader will need to know, then provide some examples of evidence you plan to provide. CITE sources parenthetically in the body of the proposal
  • Repeat for each presenter
  • MAXIMUM 300 WORDS (not counting citations).

Build A Works Cited List

  • You should have one, unified Works Cited list. Alphabetize your citations.

Come up with a Sexy Title!

It should be unique and it should be enticing. That being said, this is a formal research conference, so it should be professional.