The Ground Rules

The purpose of class discussions is to generate greater understanding about different topics. The expression of the broadest range of ideas, including dissenting views, accomplishes this goal. However, in expressing viewpoints, students should try to raise questions and comments in way that will promote learning, rather than defensiveness and conflict in other students. Thus, questions and comments should be asked or stated in such a way that will promote greater insight into and awareness of topics as opposed to anger and conflict.

In this course, Id like our discussions to be informed, respectful, thoughtful, and engaged. What are the ground rules we should follow to make this happen?

Section 441(12:30 pm class)/Section 440(2:00 pm class)

  • Be respectful. No personal attacks.
  • Be prepared. Don't try and BS your way through the debate.
  • Be involved. It makes the class and the discussion more interesting!
  • Listen when others are speaking. Don't talk over each other. Let everyone have the chance to share their views.
  • Don't' forget to signal when you are out of character!

This list is by no means complete. After we have begun the game sequence, we can add to this list to hold one another accountable.