Respond to all of the given prompts. Unless you are told otherwise, respond to each prompt in a fully developed paragraph.

Pay attention to writing conventions. Paragraphs should have a clear topic sentence, and subsequent sentences in the paragraph should support the topic sentence. Errors in grammar, usage, and sentence structure should be minimal, and should not be distracting to the reader.

Responses should be formated in MLA academic documentation style. Consult the online site, Owl at Purdue if you have questions about MLA. Because you will be using MLA, this means your responses will be typed and double spaced. Please staple printed papers if need be.

CORRECTLY CITE any outside material you refer to. This means you will include in-text citations and a Works Cited list.

Follow the homework instructions regarding how to submit the response. Sometimes, you will submit printed versions. If so, these should be stapled and ready before class begins. Other times, you will upload your responses onto blackboard. This isn't meant to be confusing; how you submit depends on how we'll be working with your responses in class.

Reading Responses will not be accepted late, as outlined in the late work policy in the course syllabus.