Building a Research Log

Make sure your Research Log will work for you; customize it any way you see fit. You will refer back to this log during research for the rest of the semester. Make sure you record enough information to easily retrieve the source you need.

  • You may use any medium for your research log you choose. This might be a a notebook, a word document, or even old fashioned index cards. Whatever works for you and keeps you organized is fine.
  • You SHOULD consider including the complete MLA citation for any source you locate via the databases. We will also discuss how to use Permalinks. Do not, however, "copy and paste" the URL from database articles. These are not persistent and won't work!
  • You may want to use an actual log. Here's a sample template you're welcome to try. You may also adapt and change this template to better suit your needs. Here's another version that one of my students created in Excel: Becky Poynter's Template
  • Another idea: use a web page or blog. Here's an example of a research log posted on a wiki page.