The Research Reflection

Throughout this unit of study we have been working with the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education published by the ACRL. This document presents information literacy as a for "learners who are developing their information literacy abilities." Here, this document is speaking about you! Because you are developing your skills to gather, analyze, and evaluate information (i.e., conduct research) at the college level at this point in the semester.

Your task is to compose a reflection that focuses on your research process and how you learned to gather information to conduct your research. Your reflection should be focused on the idea, Research as Inquiry. Specifically, you will need to select two of the bulleted points for knowledge practices and and two of the bulleted points for dispositions from the Inquiry Section in the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education. In your reflection, you should discuss how your own research processes incorporated and reflected these ideas.

Nuts and Bolts for the Reflective Essay

  • This is an individual assignment, which means everyone will need to be responsible for composing and submitting his or her own reflective essay.
  • Essay should be at least 2 to 3 pages long.
  • MLA formatting and style
  • This is a personal essay --you should use first person to focus your reflections and experiences / do not use second person - "you."
  • Provide context/background,evidence and explanations to support your ideas.
  • Paragraphs should focus on one main idea with several sentences of support.
  • Like any essay, this essay should have an introduction, body, and a conclusion.