Cardi 'Ders

  • Ad hominem
  • What's your analysis? If you smoke once, you are likely to smoke again. "Slightly Addicted" XD

Erika's Bitches

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  • What's your analysis?

-can lead to false promises. -just because the majority says it is, it isn't necessarily true.

3 Dicks One Chick

  • Hasty Generalization

Hasty Generalization is seen when the man jumps to a conclusion over the issue as to why the other man is always wrong, without correctly solving the problem.

Lana Del $layerz

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  • Straw Man
  • What's your analysis?

Because the republicans cut spending, the comic says that they want to do all these other things that are bad. This is straw man because its over simplified, and put to make the opponent look bad.