Erika Avalos: Robert Smalls/BLM
Grant Berger: Sam Houston's Military Strategy against Mexican Army/Trump & N. Korea
Mary Sophia Bodden: Pickett's Charge/N. Korea
Isabella Espinosa: Creation of the Star Spangled Banner/NFL Protests
Lauren Haby: Star Spangled Banner/NFL Protests
Reana Hinojosa: Clara Barton & Founding of the American Red Cross/Criticism of RC during Hurricane Harvey
Avery Linhart: Clara Barton's Battlefield Nursing/Lack of Health Care in the U.S.
Leah Macey: Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Women's March of 2017
Grace Martin: Elizabeth Cady Stanton/Gender Inequality
Courtney O'Bannon: Clara Barton's treatment of soldiers on the battlefield/Red Cross
Jaime Rosas: Grimke Sisters/gender inequality
Kori Sackett: Olaudah Equiano & the Middle Passage/Liberty, Equality & Order
Walt Maenius: Dred Scot v. Sanford/BLM
Miranda Maldonado: Star Spangled Banner & Francis Scott Key/NFL Protest
Noah Cantu: Frederick Douglass & His Fight for Equality/??
Summer Seigler: Deborah Sampson/Equality in the Armed Forces (women and transgender)
Patrick Ravelo: Andrew Jackson Worcester v. Georgia/???
Seth Vinner: Escaped Slaved during the Civil War/Illegal Immigration