Ricardo Bravo: Davy Crockett's Death/How American History is Taught
Ryan Cardin: Gutierrez- Magee expedition/issues in North Korea
Ryan Conrad: Lewis & Clark Expedition & Sacajawea/Modern Day Kidnappings
Alexia Consolato: Olaudah Equiano/Domestic Servitude
Ariana Cuellar: Harriet Tubman UGRR/smuggling of refugees out of Syria
Samantha Dees: Battle of Gonzales: Modern day war and revolution
Savannah Flores-Sandoval: Sojourner Truth/Modern day feminism & racism
Pedro Garza: Benjamin Franklin - Diplomat/Modern day foreign policy
Odalis Gonzalez: 19th Century Women's Fashion & Godoy's Lady Book/Modern day fashion
Jordan Green: Andrew Jackson's Military Career/Donald Trump's Presidency
Colton Hayes: Sam Houston's stance on slavery/Confederate statues coming down
Ava Ortiz: Women & espionage/Feminism
Dylan Ryan: Andrew Jackson's Presidency/Donald Trump's Populist Movement
Jordan Upshaw: Crispus Attucks/Collin Kaepernick
Zach: African American Soldiers in the Civil War/???
Steven Maldonado: Dred Scott/???
Dobie Thyssen: Elizabeth Cady Stanton/ Women's Rights today
Kayla Buchi: Battle of the Alamo/??
Destiny Arias: Susan B. Anthony/Women's Equality today