Symbolism, Allusion, Color, and Metaphor

  • Read the definitions
  • Now, read the lyrics to Kanye West's "Jesus Walks"
    • Next, check out the video
    • Jot down as many of the symbols as you can that you saw in the video. What colors stood out? Why? What metaphors did you recognize? What about allusions? (There are tons of them in the video!)
    • We'll share our responses with the class

Daily Writing

Go to the Journal link for today in Black Board and respond to the following:

  • If I were to choose a symbol for my oral visual presentation, what would it be? Do I want to use multiple symbols?
  • If I were to use color in my presentation, which ones? Why?
  • What is a metaphor that would be appropriate for my project? (For example, "Because of the Indian Removal Act, the Cherokee said Andrew Jackson was the devil").


Read Chapter 14 in EAA. Take notes, and also jot down ideas for your own presentation as you read. Bring these to class on FRIDAY.
REMINDER:We won't meet as a class on Wed. Complete the online assignment and homework posted on Wednesday's class plans.