Turn in Your Reading Responses as soon as you arrive!

  • About these first Reading Responses...

About Your Discussion...

Remembering 9/11...One Story

You Have Already Written a Rhetorical Analysis...WOW!

  • What is the Rhetorical Situation?
  • Aristotelian rhetoric in 2 minutes! (You'll read lots more about this later.)
    • Logos
    • Ethos
    • Pathos
  • How to "unpack" the rhetorical situation.
  • Now, pull out the piece of writing you composed waaaay back on Wednesday. I'll need a volunteer to share their writing with the class.


  • READ the handout called Writing Processes
  • READ the chapter on Rhetorical Analysis TAKE NOTES AS YOU READ. BRING THESE AS A PRINTED DOCUMENT (hand-written or printed versions of your lap top notes) TO CLASS ON WED.
  • Please also bring your Contending Voices text to our next class meeting on Wed.
  • Reminders: The time has come for you to go and circulate to chat with the faculty! You may begin your visits TODAY Monday, Sept 11th and will have til Friday, Sept 15th to go by our offices!