Test Your Code!

Get with a partner from your Writing Group. Take turns being the "writer" and the "coder."

  • Writers, create a daily writing link for today and respond to the prompt:
    • First, jot down some notes, describing something interesting that happened over the weekend. Just list some ideas.
    • Then, begin drafting in a word document. Use the journalist's questions (who, what, where when, how, why?) to be as descriptive as possible about the weekend. USE THE COMPOSING OUT LOUD PROTOCOL. You'll be writing for 10 minutes.
  • Coders: set the timer on your phone or use the clock on your computer. While your writer writes, refer to the code you came up with, and code everything that happens, noting the time.
  • Then, reverse roles.
  • Discuss your findings...is there anything from your code that is missing that you need to add?

What's Next? Get Ready to Star in your YouTube Production!!!

  • READ the instructions for tonight's homework. What questions do you have?

If There's Time...Daily Writing

Respond to the prompts from tonight's homework in the journal entry in Bb. Once you get home, copy and paste this writing into your draft. Then, begin recording your first 15 minute writing session.


Note: these are detailed, complicated homework instructions. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST. Then, go through each bullet point step by step.

  • Continue drafting WP 1 - The Critical Analysis by responding to the following prompts:
    • Who are the two main historical figures presented in the chapter? What does each historical figure want, according to the chapter?
    • Who is the author of the primary source document you are analyzing? Where does this person "fit" in the ongoing debate about the issue addressed in the chapter?
    • For the specific primary source document you are analyzing, what is the main argument being conveyed? Identify the writer's strategy in trying to convince his or her audience to think, believe, or do something.
  • Be sure to SAVE what you write (the transcripts). Don't alter them. Since you are adding to Draft 1, when you are finished with this next writing session, SAVE the draft and call it WP 1 Draft 2.
  • As you draft, videotape yourself as you write. You must use the compose aloud protocol. This will feel weird. Just go with it; everyone else has to do it, too.
  • Videotape at least two 15 minute writing sessions between now and Wednesday. Attach these files to Bb. The link for this is under BLOGS.
  • Choose a two minute excerpt that you believe shows many parts of the writing processes going on. Upload this two minute excerpt onto YouTube, then copy and past the YouTube link onto your class Video Page. Need help with this? Collaborate on this project with members of your writing group!
  • Your two minute excerpt must be ready to go at the beginning of class on FRIDAY. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Bring all of your materials for this project, and some ear buds, if you have them, to class on Wednesday.

This means you will need the following for Wednesday's class:

  • Access to your two 15 minute videos. These should be available on Bb.
  • Access to your YouTube video excerpt
  • PRINTED transcripts (what you wrote during your video taped writing sessions)
  • Ear buds
  • The customized code you developed. It's a good idea to have a printed version of this.