Please bring your Contending Voices text to Comp (Writing & Rhetoric) today!

Test Your Knowledge of Rhetoric

Let's Figure Out WP 1 - The Rhetorical Analysis

Who ARE these Dudes?

  • Credo Reference

Let's Practice: Find a Quote!

  • Logos
  • Ethos
  • Pathos


By Friday...But Wait until AFTER the History Quiz...

  • READ: Chapter 5 in Contending Voices, "The Conflict over the Constitution: Patrick Henry & James Madison." Take copious and careful notes as you read this chapter.
  • Complete the online assignment by Friday @ midnight
  • Don't Forget...stop by and see me and Dr. Wooster this week!


Friday's Writing class will once again be online. History will meet as usual in CI and you are expected to attend. You will not be able to make up the History quiz if you miss class. Complete the online assignment that is posted on Friday's class plans for Writing & Rhetoric no later than midnight. Then, complete the assigned homework by the beginning of class on Monday.