Make sure you have access to all of your coding materials...transcripts, videos, etc.

  • You'll need printed versions of your transcripts.

What Are Ya Doin' When You Write???

Using the customized code you created, your task today is to assign the code of the activity to the printed transcript. In addition to "coding" your transcript, it is crucial that you indicate TIME on your transcript. Students have found the easiest way to do this is in pencil, writing directly onto the transcript.

  • Here's a sample of what this should look like.
  • You'll have to listen to and watch your video, and transcribe each action as it occurs. Also, you'll notate time.
  • Please wear ear buds, if you have them, so we don't all go crazy.


  • I have extended the time to post your video links. Please copy and paste your YouTube links into Black Board no later than 6pm Thursday (Sep. 15). This is under the assignments link in Bb. An alternative would be to upload your videos to Google Drive, and then email Jen the link.
  • Finish coding your transcripts. You should have at least 15 minutes coded by Friday.
  • "Start crunching the numbers," in other words, look for patterns. What activities led to "bursts of drafting?" What activities tended to slow you down? Calculate how much time you spent on the main composing activities: drafting, reading instructions, brainstorming, editing, etc.
  • Write a short assessment that summarizes your findings of your experiment. Please format your assessment according to MLA guidelines.
  • Please print this assessment, and staple it along with your printed, coded transcripts, AND a copy of your code to class on Friday. This will count as a homework grade.
  • Don't forget your mandatory office hours visits with me and Dr. Wooster. My office hours today are from 1-3.