READ Chapter 5 in Contending Voices.

  • Take notes as you read.
  • Be sure to read all of the primary source documents, too.

Ch. 5 Quiz in Bb

This quiz is now available under "Content." You'll have 30 minutes to complete the quiz once you start.

CHOOSE a Primary Source document you wish to analyze from Chapter 5.

  • Choose the document that you feel strongly about...maybe you strongly agree...or strongly disagree with the writer.
  • Which writer's argument do you find compelling and interesting?
  • Once you select a document, keep this document in mind as you begin to "unpack" the context of the document in the following writing exercises:

Pre-write for WP 1

Go to the journal link in Bb for today and respond to the following prompts:

  • What is the title of the document you chose?
  • Who is the writer? What's his or her back story? (You may want to consult Credo Reference for this.)
  • When was the document published?
  • What medium did the writer use? Newspaper article? Essay? Pamphlet? How was the writing disseminated to readers???
  • What events or people compelled the writer to pick up his or her pen and produce this piece of writing?


  • Copy and paste what you composed in Bb into a Word Document. Begin drafting the historical context section of WP 1. Flesh this out into a more fluid piece of writing, instead of simple, short responses. Continue to use the journalists's questions...who, what, when, where, why, how, to flesh out your ideas.
  • When you are done, SAVE this document. Call it WP 1_Draft 1. Bring this electronic document (not printed) to class on Monday.