Turn in Your Coded Transcripts, Copy of Your Code and Assessment/Findings

These should be printed documents. Please staple everything together. This is due at the beginning of class and won't be accepted late.

Share Your Findings!!!

Bring some popcorn...we'll watch some YouTube videos and discuss your writing processes.

Writing Workshop

Begin drafting the next "chunk of text" of WP 1. You should have already drafted the historical context section, now let's shift our focus to the primary source document you chose to analyze. Respond to the following prompts as a journal entry in Black Board:

  • Who is the author of the primary source document you are analyzing? Where does this person "fit" in the ongoing debate about the issue addressed in the chapter?
  • You should've already written about the specific primary source document you are analyzing, describing the main argument that's being conveyed? Identify the writer's strategy in trying to convince his or her audience to think, believe, or do something.
  • What evidence from the primary source documents best represents this argument?
  • What other key ideas does the writer convey in the document?
  • Who was the intended audience for the primary source document? How do you know?
  • What type of medium did the writer choose? Why? Did the writer remain anonymous? If so, why?
  • In what ways did the writer demonstrate “courage and or conviction” in his or her writing? Be specific, and support your statement with direct quotes, and an analysis of these quotes.
  • What type of rhetorical devices did the writer employ to try to win over his or her audience? Emotion? Fancy language? His or her own credentials? A logical and factual argument?
  • What do you think of the writer's argument? Was it effective or not? Use evidence from either the lead essay or your own analysis to back up your claim.

Before You Go...How to Use Track Changes

  • Using Track Changes in word for editing
  • Make arrangements for a peer review over the weekend.


  • Copy and paste the daily writing you did in class today into your draft to help you continue writing. Continue to use the writing prompts from the assignment to help continue drafting this section (also listed above).
  • Finish drafting WP 1. By the beginning of class on Monday, you should have a fully evolved draft. That means you will have attempted to meet all the criteria of the assignment. This draft will include a Work(s) Cited list and in-text citations.
  • Next, receive and give peer feedback on your paper. Email your writing group mate. Once you get your edited draft back, accept or reject the changes. Make any other revisions. SAVE this version as a new draft. You may be on WP 1 Draft 4 or 5.
  • PRINT your revised draft. Bring this version to class on Monday.
  • Study for your first history exam. You should be thoroughly completing the Exam 1 Review guide.