Please bring your CV texts with you to Comp today.

Attach WP 1 Draft 1 to the Assignment in Bb. This counts as a homework grade for today.

Form Writing Groups

  • Create a group of 3-4 people. This means we'll likely have 3-5 groups in the class.
  • Issues to consider: You want a balanced group comprised of members who are strong in different areas, such as:
    • Researching...knows the databases, how to find stuff
    • Proof-reading...strong with grammar, spelling, sentence structure
    • Organizing...reminding members about assignment due dates, keeping everyone organized; willing to contact all group members on behalf of Jen.
    • to read for content and alert a writer when she's not making sense
  • Exchange email addresses/phone #'s/twitter, facebook, whatever y'all use to communicate.
  • Under the LC E Writing Groups link, name your group (be creative!) and list all of its members.

Let's Break Down WP 1

Find a Quote!

Work with your new writing group. Collaborate and choose one quote from any of the primary source documents in Ch. 5. Analyze the quote. Decide which of the Aristotelian devices the writer is employing. Evaluate the quote...effective? Less than effective? Why? We'll share our ideas with the class if there's time.


  • Continue drafting WP 1.
  • Finish fleshing out the historical context section of the project. Use the work and the charts you did in Seminar to help you with this. Make sure you are writing this in your own words. Make a note of where your ideas are coming from (note page #s from CV in your drafts).
  • Based on your discussion today, begin drafting the actual rhetorical analysis section of the paper.
  • CONTINUE TO SAVE EACH DRAFT OF THIS WRITING PROJECT. YOU SHOULD BE EITHER ON WP1_DRAFT 2 OR WP1_DRAFT 3. Post this latest version to Bb no later than the beginning of class on Wed.
  • READ The MLA guide for WP 1. Begin trying to work in your MLA documentation into your draft. Come to class on Wednesday w/ questions!
  • Please bring BOTH your CV and NWWK text with you to class on Wed.