Turn in Your Draft of WP 1 - The Critical Analysis...BUT FIRST...

At the top of your paper, please tell me what area you'd like feedback:

  • Intro/Thesis
  • Historical Context (content)
  • Rhetorical Analysis (content)
  • In-text citations
  • Works Cited list
  • Grammar/usage/sentence structure

Please make sure you submit a printed, stapled draft. I can't accept these late, per the LC E policy!

TEST Your Essay Exam Expertise!

You'll be assigned one of the possible essay questions for Exam 1. You'll have 30 minutes to compose your essay. Hand write the essay, just as you will on exam day. You won't be able to use your notes.

What Do Writing Processes Have to Do with the Essay Exam??

You tell me what you think:

  • only 50% drafted (shitty first draft)
  • thinking about the question (brainstorming)
  • trying to remember prior knowledge (brainstorming)
  • arranging the exam prompts in chronological order (pre-writing, outlining)
  • (think of more historical examples (brainstorming, drafting)
  • concerns about time (reflection, writing situation)
  • using writing to come up with thoughts (drafting...shitty first draft)

Read It; Write It; Talk about It --Maybe watch a video or two!

Bacon's Rebellion Why this works. How to apply it.


  • EXAM PREP: REVISE the essay you wrote today. Once you do this, write a "backwards outline." In other words, outline the final version of your essay. Make sure nothing's missing. Study the outline. That's what you'll want to have at the ready when you walk into the exam. Do this for ALL of the possible essay questions.
  • To help you gain some familiarity with wiki's awesomeness... you have some Seminar Homework(Say what?!) involving wiki! You will need to define the term listed with your name. There's only one! Complete and post your definition here. You have until (Wednesday 9/21)at midnight to post your definition! After that, the page will be locked. Post early! This will count toward your participation grade for the day in Seminar/Composition!
  • Continue tinkering w/ WP 1. If you make any major revisions, remember to save a new version of your draft (WP 1 Draft 7, for example).
  • Please bring BOTH an electronic and a printed version of your most recent draft of WP 1 to class on Wednesday.