Questions about WP 1 or the WP 1 MLA Guide??

Connecting NWWK to WP 1

Brief Daily Writing Session. Open today's journal link in Bb and respond to the following prompts:

  • In what ways is the source you are analyzing evidence that "Writing is a social and rhetorical activity?" (Roozen 17-19). Be specific.
  • In what ways does this primary source illustrate that "Writing is knowledge making activity?" (Estrem 19-20).
  • In what ways does is this primary source evidence that, "Writing mediates activity" (Russell 26-27), or "writing goes out into the world and makes things happen?"

Thesis Statements...Get One!

Y'all are more than like struggling with this.

  • Thesis statements should be arguable and debatable claims you are going to prove in your paper.
  • Check out the OWL:
  • Where to find a thesis?? Look at your conclusion!
  • Use Jen's "inverted triangle" technique to help draft the intro/thesis.

Draft or Revise your Thesis Statement

Go back to the journal link in Bb for today, and respond to the following prompts:

  • Copy and paste what you think is your thesis.
  • Do you need to revise it? If so, write the revised thesis below it.
  • Get with someone in your writing group and read each others' thesis statements. Do they make sense?


  • Finish your first complete version of WP 1. Make sure you are completing all sections of the project:
    • Intro/Thesis
    • Historical Context
    • Rhetorical Analysis/Composition analysis -- how is the writer applying concepts from NWWK?
    • Conclusion

You need to have a complete draft ready to go by Friday during our normal meeting time. Make sure you have made arrangements for peer review with someone from your Writing Group. Then, complete the online assignment for Friday.