Online Assignment:

  • READ Sections 2.5 & 2.6 in Naming What We Know. If you are using a printed text, these are on pp. 43-46. Next, review Dr. Wooster's handout on The Declaration of Independence. Then, complete the following Reading Response:
  • Discuss how writing is performative, in your own words. Use a real-world example of a piece of writing you are familiar with (your own or someone else's - but not the primary source you are analyzing for WP 1), to illustrate your description.
  • Discuss how the primary source document you are analyzing for WP 1 is "performative." Draw on direct quotes from NWWK to support your claims.
  • Use direct historical facts or reasonable educated guesses to discern what texts may have influenced the writer of the primary source document you are analyzing for WP 1. To help you figure this out, use:
    • The lead essay from Hollitz (where was your author educated? what texts did he likely study? what historical texts were influential at the time the document was written that may have influenced him?)
    • Look for credible biographies on your writer. Use Credo Reference, available through the LC E Library Guide.
    • Look for other analyses of your primary source document. You may find these in your Give Me Liberty text, or again, in Credo Reference. Do these historians offer any clues about other writing that may have influenced your writer?
  • Finally, reflect on your own writing. What texts have you read since being in college that you think are influencing your views as a writer?

Please complete the reading and the reading response no later than midnight on Sunday. Attach your Reading Response to the assignment link in Bb.


Continue tinkering and revising WP 1. Remember, the final draft is due on Friday, Sep. 30 at the beginning of history.