Class Discussion

  • Anne Lamott
    • What did you think???
  • What should this reflective essay you're in the process of writing do?
    • Data
    • Personal Reflection
    • Connection to Lamott
  • Thesis statements!
    • Y'all are struggling with these still.
    • Thesis statements should be arguable and debatable claims you are going to prove in your paper.

Guided Peer Review

You should have a printed version of your draft that you began on Monday. Exchange drafts with someone on your writing group.

  • Read the entire draft.
  • Highlight the thesis. If there isn't one, offer a suggestion. If the thesis needs work, offer specific suggestions.
  • On the back of the draft, list at least three specific findings the writer has discussed re. his or her writing process.
  • Put some comments in the side margin re. the writer's discussion of Lamott. What are you left wondering? Does the writer need to elaborate?
  • Again, on the back of the draft, in your own words, describe the writer, based on what he or she said in the essay. Do this in one sentence.
  • Offer suggestions for revision to the writer.
  • Check to see if the writer is citing any outside material. Specifics from Lamott should be cited!

Read Your Feedback

  • Thesis?
  • Do you need more specific findings?
  • Does your editor's summary of you as a writer match what you think of yourself as a writer? If not, how could you better communicate your findings and analysis?


  • REVISE your essay, based on the feedback you received today. Bring a polished, printed, stapled document to class on Friday, in MLA format. Because this is a project we've spent quite a bit of time on, this will count as TWO homework grades. Also, your assessment will be based on the strength of the paper; this won't be simply a completion grade.
  • READ about Triad E portfolios. Specifically, read about the TriadEMidtermPortfolio2014 and also, the Why Portfolios? link.