Apply the Writing Process to the In-Class Essay

Remember, these processes occur any time you write anything...even a list of reminders to yourself in your planer.

  • We'll practice writing one of the essay questions in a "real" exam environment. This means, no notes and write in long-hand, not on the computer.


  • Assess your essay. Review your notes, get with friends from your Writing Group, and assess how you did on the practice essay. What did you leave out? What needed more evidence?
  • Write a "backwards outline" of the essay. In other words, look at the essay your wrote today, and convert it into bullet points you can memorize and bring in your head to the exam on Friday.
  • Do the same for the other 3 essays!
  • Finish writing out your study guide.
  • Good luck on the Exam!!! Make me proud of your essays!!!