Habits of Mind

  • READ the link about "Habits of Mind."
  • Open the Journal Link in Bb for today and respond to the following prompts:
    • Which habits of mind do you think you've already demonstrated while in these first weeks of college? What evidence can you provide to prove that you utilized these habits of mind? Examples? Pictures? Specific assignments?
    • Which habits of mind do you think you need to work on developing? What will you do to facilitate developing these specific habits of mind?
    • So what? What's your takeaway? Do you think these are important? Have you thought about this? How do these habits of mind relate to being a citizen?

Logical Fallacies

You've already read about these in the chapter on rhetoric. Here's another look from Purdue's Online Writing Lab at Logical Fallacies

  • Get into your Writing Groups
  • Everyone will be assigned a Logical Fallacy. Your job is to find an example of this specific logical fallacy (it can be a YouTube video, an excerpt from a published piece of writing, a quote, etc.
  • Copy and paste the link into your sections Logical Fallacy link:
  • Make sure you specify which kind of logical fallacy this is, and why.
  • We'll look at these as a class
  • So what?
    • Make sure YOU don't use logical fallacies in your argument for WP 1 or 2.
    • See if you can identify a passage in which the writer of the primary source you are analyzing falls back on a logical fallacy as part of his or her argument. It'd be super cool if you could include this in your rhetorical analysis!


  • Take a look at your latest draft of WP 1. BEGIN REVISING. Make sure to save each new version of this project that you create.