Peer Review Workshop

So, How Will You Apply the Concepts We've Learned about Peer Review?

  • Use the WP 1 Rubric as you offer your writer feedback. You may print this, or fill it out electronically.
  • Ask Your Writer Questions
  • Write a paragraph summarizing your findings at the bottom of your peer's paper, or at the bottom of the rubric.

Writers, Use Your Feedback!

  • Take some time to carefully review your feedback. What do you need to address?


Polish, polish, polish your FINAL draft of WP 1.

  • Please submit a printed, stapled version of your work. Make sure to include your section # in your MLA heading.
  • Papers are due at the beginning of History on Friday and will NOT be accepted late.

Bring your brainstorming list you completed in Seminar to Comp on Friday!