Research Topics: Summer 2017

  • Bennie: Nutrition during Deployment (overseas, in the field)
  • Trevor: Music & Food & Caloric Intake
  • Dustin: Diet and Disease
  • Connor: Eating habits of College students
  • Nate: food advertising targeting children and impact on their diet
  • Oscar: Diet and Disease/ Advertising and food choices
  • Devin: Junk food in schools
  • Jose: Young adult (college students) eating and cooking habits
  • Kasey: Art and colors impact on food
  • Edward: Genetic engineering and GMO's
  • Celeste: Advertising impact on food choices of adults

Group Presentation Teams/Topics

  • Bennie: Nutrition for Soldiers, esp. during Deployment
  • Connor & Jose: Eating Habits of College Students
  • Trevor & Kasey: Visual and Auditory Impacts on Food Choices & Consumption
  • Celeste, Nate, and Devin: Food Advertising & American Diet
  • Edward and Oscar: GMO's and Diet, Marketing