Writing Project 2: The Research Journal


Some of the broad topics we'll be discussing this session include:

  • The obesity pandemic in America
  • Medical implications of obesity
  • Fast Food
  • Industrialized Food
  • Gender and societal roles and norms and how these relate to food preparation and consumption
  • Environmental impact of food production
  • Food shortages and starvation
  • Vegans, vegetarians, and food choices
  • Animal rights

What else can you think of? Start from one of these broad topics, or choose a different one that relates to food and begin researching. Eventually, you will narrow to a more specific, defined topic.

Step 1:

Select a broad topic that relates to food, and then narrow this topic to a specific research focus. For example, if I choose the obesity problem, I might choose to limit my focus only to obesity in children. Or, if I choose environmental impact of food production, I might focus on grass fed beef. Your topic must be approved by your instructor.

Step 2:

Conduct scholarly research. Use the databases. Keep track of all the articles you consider by keeping a Research Log. How you keep track of your sources is up to you, but you'll need to provide evidence of this in your final Research Journal.

Step 3:

Analyze your sources and identify multiple perspectives. In reviewing your Research Log, which 3 sources are key to understanding several different viewpoints on your topic? Choose 3 key sources, and begin drafting Source Reviews.

Step 4:

Assemble your Research Journal
The research journal will consist of THREE, polished and edited Source Reviews and a final Research Journal Reflection, and your list of sources your consulted, your: Research Log.

Some important notes:

  • You will each compile a research journal individually.
  • Source Reviews should reflect multiple perspectives on your topic.
  • Drafts of Source Reviews will be gathered throughout the course of this project as hard copies submitted in class for homework grades.
  • The complete Research Journal is due July 25 at the beginning of class, as a hard copy in a folder.


After the Research Journals Are Completed...

  • You will use your research as the basis for an argumentative piece in your blog.
  • You'll also present your research during your Group Research Presentation. As a group, you will collate your various research interests and collaborate to relate your research issues to a broader theme focusing on food.